The Press Intervenes

Today, Judy Putnam, a reporter with the Lansing State Journal, our local newspaper, wrote an article about my experience. 

Since I last posted, after I learned that PSA Airlines was, in fact, the operator of this American Eagle flight, I attempted to reach out to to PSA Airlines on Twitter. Not surprisingly, I haven’t heard from them.

I did, however, hear from yet another diligent Customer Service Agent from American Airlines, Kelly, who left me a voicemail. She noted my additional social media efforts (presumably, this blog and the tweets to @PSAAirlinesInc) and wanted to know if I had additional information to aid their internal investigation. When I returned her call, I left a voicemail indicating that no, I did not have additional information for their internal investigation.

Apparently, they are not fully grasping that I am not fully satisfied with their mysterious “internal investigation” being the only outcome of this.

So to recap:

I still don’t know if there is some mysterious list out there, that could have any repercussions for individual flyers.
Or if my name is on it.
Or if flight attendants have the authority to push for such a list, unilaterally put passengers on it, or otherwise make my life difficult in the future.
I don’t know if there will, in fact, be any sort of investigation at American Airlines. I would have no way of knowing if there is, or isn’t.

If you are looking for a satisfying ending, sorry: I got nothing.





  1. There is a list but it’s pretty hard to get on it. I’m sorry that they treated you so badly. It sounds like they were also having a bad day and took it out on you. Im sure they will be reprimanded for their behavior. I’m sure that youre not on the list or the police would’ve came. I hope you get an apology. I hope you don’t think we are all like that .

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  2. I was on the phone once with an American Airlines customer service agent and I was *calmly* expressing my dissatisfaction about losing my ticket after waiting on hold for half an hour and not being able to change my ticket ahead of the departure time. I explained it was this type of situation that is why I avoid flying American whenever possible.

    The agent then yelled “I will not be threatened, I will not be threatened.” And then hung up on me. I have never had an experience like that with a customer service representative before.

    Anyway, I tried to take the return leg of the trip that I paid for and found out that I was on their “no-fly” list for threatening an agent. I am a tiny 5 feet tall female who weights about 110. I asked him if I looked like a threat and asked him to check the call logs. After about 30 minutes, American decided that I would be “allowed” to buy a new ticket on their airline. I then proceeded to my Southwest flight.

    Worst airline ever.

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  3. I am so sorry you experienced this too!
    I was flying to upstate NY from DCA on an AA flight on Jul 22nd. We were on the tarmac for close to 2 hours, with no explanation given, sitting in a freezing cold bus. When I complained to the air hostess on board, she rudely told me to be quiet, and that there was no information the bus driver could give us about why there was a delay, nor did she enlighten us why we hadn’t departed. The same lady had been at the gate, shouting at everyone, and was rude to everyone once on board, snapping at them when they asked her for anything. The only flights I have consistently have trouble with (flying for work the past decade) is American: always late, inexplicable delays, attendants routinely lie to your face, and are rude to boot. If it wasn’t a government contract carrier, I would never fly it again. Ever.

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  4. They contacted you asking if you had anymore information to help aid them in their investigation?? They should already know who was working that flight. I’m sorry to say but those horrible flight attendants should be fired. It’s too easy nowadays for a simpleton, such as these flight attendants, to ruin innocents people’s lives all because they are having a bad day or dislike their job. So sorry for your ordeal!


  5. Definitely The Worst Airline ever. Had a nightmare experience in 2014 on American trying to fly from Texarkana, AR to Albuquerque, NM, returning home from my spouse’s mother’s funeral that morning. Due to series of horrible customer service interactions, we wound up sleeping overnight on the concrete floor in baggage claim at Dallas/Fort Worth. Because we had flown on short notice for a funeral, we had paid full fare, first class seats too ($2,800). I got nowhere complaining to American, so wound up writing the chairman as at the time I was a stockholder. That got me a form letter from some minion and an offer of 5,000 frequent flyer miles for my “trouble.” I sold the stock, cut my Advantage card in half, and mailed it back to the chairman with a “f*** you” letter. You think I’ll ever fly on American again? I’d walk instead.

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  6. If you think AA is bad give United a try and find out what real crumby service is all about.
    I avoid flying anyone other than SW and have never been disappointed.


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