What, no way. NO way.

As people hear and share my story, I keep hearing the same thing. There’s no way. It’s totally unbelievable. I mean, I know American Airlines is terrible, but this can’t be for real.

Thing is, it is.

I WANT American Airlines to investigate. I WANT them to interview other passengers: people I don’t know and who I haven’t talked to and haven’t asked to reach out. I WANT this to be a neutral, arm’s-length interview.  But I got the impression from them they don’t do that–they only take what complaints come to them.

But the FAA could: I’d LOVE IT if they could access the flight manifest and ask other passengers what they remember from that flight. I’d love for them to independently corroborate my story, or refute it, or whatever they remember from that night (other than the horrible delay, which I’m sure we all remember).

So don’t believe me. But choose to disbelieve me after you talk to the other passengers about what they experienced. I’m confident in what happened to me, even if there is no way I could ever begin to understand WHY it happened.

One comment

  1. The FAA is concerned with safety. They are not concerned with service, discriminatiom, nor harrassment.

    Why aren’t you pursuing this with PSA? It was PSA employees who did wrong by you. American Airlines was not there on that flight.

    US Public Law 111-216 mandates all air carriers to disclose which air carrier is operating the flight at the point of sale prior to ticket servuce.

    The AA Customer Service management is probably thinking, oh geez, here we go, PSA crew made a mistake and now everyone is blaming us.


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